Interview: how to achieve your resolutions

‘Make it short & snappy’

As we reach the end of January and resolutions become faded memories and mere good intentions, here’s a kick of motivation – proof that it can be done! The story of a 2014 New Years’ goal achieved step by step and looked back on with pride; an interview with a girl who completed the challenge of taking one Polaroid photo a day for a whole year.

‘Just the facts please’

  • The challenge: take one Polaroid photo a day charting life – the ups, downs and adventures.
  • Completed: 31st December 2014.
  • That girl’s story of what kept her going… sheer stubbornness! The determination to take 365 photos with plenty of smiles, shots of food, friends and family pets resulting in a successful year-long project.
  • Want more? Follow her Instagram here.
Motivation, success

Thumbs up for the girl herself

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

It’s the end of the first month of 2015, it’s been blustery, breezy and in some areas blizzard like. London’s luckily been pretty sheltered so far. As the flurry of resolution posts bloggers layered the internet with fizzled out and slowly the gym goers thin out, I thought I’d highlight an inspirational tale of perseverance and pride to give those of us flagging a little push.

I’ve found resounding resolution resolve under my very own roof! Evidence of the dogmatic determination it takes to achieve your goal, and this was a dedicated goal with no let up!

365 Polaroids later and it’s safe to say that I eat too much ice cream, love a good tree, bake a lot, spend far too much time in bed and have the most incredible friends. #photoaday #2014 #polaroid

The completed project laid out in all its splendour!

The completed project laid out in all its splendour!

Back before she joined our home, on a chilly December night my housemate set herself a challenge and despite some moments where she might have all too easily given up, early January 2015 we proudly looked down at an impressive display of the 365 photos that made up her 2014. She kindly said I could post her story here as motivation to others!

1. So, what gave you the idea? 

I wanted to have a New Years’ Resolution that would be fun as well as a little challenging. Lots of my friends had tried the ‘1 second a day’ video app and really enjoyed it (before it crashed at the end of week one that is!) I wanted to do something that would last and I could look back on. I already owned a Polaroid camera and so taking a picture a day on that seemed the obvious choice.

2. Were there any times when you didn’t want to continue? Did you miss or almost forget any days? 

Right at the beginning! I started questioning my choice when I realised that the camera was a bit heavier and bigger than I first thought, and so it was a bit of a faff to carry around. I only missed two days, and that was because the film I had ordered didn’t arrive in time (I drew pictures of what I did on those days, and then took pictures of them so I still count it). But other than that, I was too stubborn to give up, especially after the halfway mark!

Darn delayed post leading to some creativity required.

Darn delayed post leading to some creativity required.

3. Were there any downsides?

It was quite expensive (a 10 pack of film costs about £7). I calculated the cost of developing and buying regular old-school film and considered using a disposable camera, but it works out at about the same. It was also sometimes a little disappointing when a picture didn’t quite come out how I had hoped.

4. What kept you motivated? 

Stubbornness! I really hate giving up on things.

5. What’s your favourite photo? 

This is a tough one because there are so many I love. I took a really professional looking one in May of some pink blossom, and I really like that one because I remember how nice the day was. Most of favourite pictures are ones of me with my friends, as it reminds me of the fun we were having at the time. [I’m pleased to say three photos featured housemate outings which was nice! MMT]

Rebecca's favourite photo

Rebecca’s favourite photo

6. What was your favourite bit of doing the project?

I really enjoyed how interactive it was. What I mean by that is, if I wanted to be in a picture I would usually have to get a passer-by to take it, and so I spoke to lots of people about what I was doing. I think people enjoyed taking the picture because it was unusual.

7. Anything you would have changed? 

I would change the camera I used. I would have loved to do it with the big square Polaroids – although that would have taken up twice as much room! – or with one of the older pop-up cameras.

8. Did you learn anything about yourself from looking back? 

I really do eat a lot of ice cream! …And spend an awful lot of time in bed. But it also made me happy to see that I was mostly with other people in the pictures. So I guess I learnt that I should appreciate my friends more.

9. What’s your challenge for this year? 

This year I am becoming vegetarian. And maybe also trying to learn French, and piano if I have time!

A clue for this year's resolution!

A clue for this year’s resolution!

10. Any tips for others who want to do a similar project? 

Keep going, it’s worth it in the end, REALLY! And also, just a practical tip, if you are going to take Polaroid pictures every day-buy in bulk, its way cheaper!

Thanks to Rebecca for her time and sharing her photos, a true inspiration!

I’m pleased to report her vegetarian goal is going well. The kitchen is filled with the smell of spices, sound of bubbling pulses and other inventive concoctions brewed from the pages of Ottolenghi and Leon recipe books. Looks like January 2016 will be another proud moment for her looking back.


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