E for Edible make up …yes I did say edible!

‘Make it short & snappy’

E for Edible beauty products to be more precise, but it did include lipstick!

My first post of many to do with the amazing Robin Collective and Drink Shop Do. Masters of the odd, exciting and coolest funky-fun (yep I just invented that term)!

‘Just the facts please’

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

Drink, Shop Do and The Robin Collective are two of my favourite teams to do workshops with. DSD is blissfully close to my home and has a host of exciting, quirky and cool events throughout the week, many of which are free with a yummy cocktail or cuppa fancy tea! The Robin Collective are insanely awesome food and events maestros who, along with another favourite of mine, Tasha Marks from AVM Curiosities, are part of the Experimental Food Society who you will see I’m a little obsessed with!

Future tales will be told of edible art, edible sandcastles, edible dresses, pretty much edible anything! And food related to non edible items such as food themed jewellery too. Oh yes, I’m all over it!

I entered my favourite haven of tea, cakes and odd-bod decor to find the treasured team of Robin, Brandy and their assistant at the time Hattie ready and armed with a curious collection of ingredients I was reassured would create a basketful of cosmetics before the evening was out!

I settled at a table with my secret tool: a friend and ex-colleague of mine who has worked with the best health and beauty teams in the world in their product teams. Ah yes, I would be leaving tonight with my very own hand made Clarins-esque kit and caboodle!

I was particularly taken with the idea of making your own edible beauty products as surely what you eat can’t be bad for you. Also if you ever care to read the back of those jars, lotions and potions it’s all another language. At least with simple ingredients like chocolate , strawberries and mint leaves you know where you stand, even if I wasn’t quite sure yet how this was going to work!

Get set, select and scrub up!

Get set, select and scrub up!

Robin, Brandy and Hattie took the crowded rooms through each concoction step by step. There was heating of oils, filling of containers, mixing of marvellous mints and herbs, selecting of scents and a heap of creative fun to be had.

Creating our chocolate lip balm

Creating our chocolate lip balm


"Chockablok" lipbalm, facial scrub and lipstick.

“Chockablok” lipbalm, facial scrub and lipstick.amongst others

My goodies wrapped up and ready for home

My goodies wrapped up and ready for home

I wouldn’t necessarily say I would use the products again, but then again I’m not one naturally for wearing much make up. It was good fun and worth experimenting with some home made holistic goods.


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