F for Feeling your way around the RA

‘Make it short & snappy’

F for Feeling Architextures at the Royal Academy Sensing Spaces exhibition.

Through helping AVM Curiosities with their edible architecture installation at the RA late night event, I got to explore the other activities the RA had put on for their sensory exploration of the world of architecture using the sense of touch, sight, taste, smell and sound. Including edible sandcastles!

‘Just the facts please’

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

So having mentioned Tasha Marks and AVM Curiosities, in my “E” article, it’s time for them to have their first feature.

Tasha is an astounding food historian and artist who has created intricate and thought-provoking art using historical and art based research to create conversations and discussions. There will be more of her work in future posts including Toxic Treats, Edible art and more. I was delighted to work with her on one of her projects at the prestigious institution of the RA.

Tasha’s exhibit

Taking the concept of how your awareness of architecture and its influence on you starts from a young age, and the strong link with your childhood, fun and food, Tasha created a series of displays that got you thinking.

Tasha and Fiona from AVM Curiosities

Tasha and Fiona from AVM Curiosities

Working hard with a perfumer she perfected the long sought after smell of freshly baked bread which was squirted into a mist over the waiting crowd. Architecture and yeasty scent might not seem an immediate connection, but ask any estate agent and the old adage of roasted coffee and freshly baked bread enticing potentially home buyers into feeling positive thoughts about your house isn’t such a strange idea after all!

The elusive baked bread smell in a handy bottle!

The elusive baked bread smell in a handy bottle!

Wooed over by our baking aromas and the gathering crowds, there were several excited ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s as we took people through the remaining three parts of AVM Curiositie’s exhibit.

The first was a beautifully created marble slab of chocolate, smashed into fragments for lucky visitors to have a piece to taste.

Simply smashing!

Simply smashing!

Second, a series of sugar-coated chocolate pebbles reminiscent of the beach; creating forts and moats, walls and gullies.


Yes, they’re edible, just watch your teeth!

Finally, the pièce de résistance was the edible sandcastle itself, made from a mix of ingredients predominantly crushed biscuits from your childhood such as rich tea, gingernuts and so on.

Bringing the beach to Burlington House!

Bringing the beach to Burlington House!

The queue snaked out from our lickable landscape and all too soon all was gone, time for me to explore the rest of the exhibition. Away from the tasting treats, there was a host of other interactive elements to get stuck into.

An arch created with colourful plastic straws people added to …

… lego was of course featured for adults to regress to their childhood glee of the tallest tower!

…A maze with live music playing from within enticing you in and a tea parlour, which was unfortunately too crowded for me to get involved in, a room with swaying bamboo swirls, mime acts, acrobats, and a roaming poet I found in the room with tulips dangling from the ceiling all very Alice in Wonderland-esque.

…and one of my favourites, a very clever piece of architexture stretching up to the ceiling with entrancing light beams that shook, evolved and swayed like cello strings mixed with the old style Microsoft screensaver!

I was lucky enough to speak to the artist who explained that the movement was in sync with the vibrations and movements visitors made as they descended the spiral staircase. Isn’t technology impressive?


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