K for Kisstour-y creation at the kissathon!

‘Make it short & snappy’

K for Kissing party and attempt at London’s biggest kiss. Go’on giv’ ‘s a kiss.

Ok so I’m a day early for Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t let it go unmentioned, so here’s K for kissing. Whether it be under the recycled plastic mistletoe of yesteryear with a crush, on the cheek of a friend, forehead of a family member or full-on smackeroo of your partner. Show those you care you love them. My kiss at the “en masse kissathon” was anti-climatically the most chaste kiss on the cheek of a friend whilst we were circled by saliva and drool.

‘Just the facts please’

  • Kisstour which had travelled around Europe and made its way to London
  • Aim: to share a kiss and share a little love
  • Staged at More London a little while back
  • Here’s a little video full of Xs
  • Desigual sponsored
  • Cost: free

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

We’ve only just eaten a box of Rennies to get over Christmas and sung a drunken Auld Lang Syne and already we’re getting chocolate eggs shoved down our throats. Before that we have another occasion of lavishing gifts and cards to convey our sentiments through hard-earned cash to squeeze in. Following my first year of getting smothered in everything I had ever wanted, I’m now quite content to have gone to a make your own Valentine’s card making (see V’s entry), and been given a lovely chocolate rose.

What’s more important is the little moments throughout the year, the tender thoughts, kind acts, selfless deeds and spoken affections.

Or, as Desigual did a few years back (not for Valentine’s though sadly), get everyone in a field “pashing” until they get “pash rash” as the Aussies say so romantically.

I went with a friend, had a lovely time feeling the love, shared a peck on the cheek and felt accomplished. As I was single at the time it was a little sad to realise it probably wasn’t the best place to pick up my Prince Charming as we were enclosed in a mouth to mouth resuscitation party!

My request was fulfilled albeit by my female friend.

My request was fulfilled albeit by my female friend.



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