M for Musical Madness

‘Make it short & snappy’

M for Musical Madness at Forbidden Broadway

A madcap rollercoaster ride through the world of our much-loved musicals. Packed with ridicule, caricatures and portrayal of the musicals themselves from the actors’ perspective. All with an extremely multi-talented quartet of artists.

‘Just the facts please’

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

I love musicals, the cheesier the better! Legally Blonde, Hairspray, Sister Act and Avenue Q are up there in my top list with songs I can recall immediately and get stuck in loop in my head all day.

Whilst working with the wonderful Razzamataz crew where they teach children an array of singing, acting and dancing to enter their first steps into the world of jazz hands and magic, I heard about Christina Bianco.

They were raving about her supreme talent to nail impressions of singers, not only how they sounded, also their body language, tone and volume! I had to check her out and join her legions of gobsmacked fans.

Everyone, other than me, in the Razz team are professionals, actively singing and dancing on stages around the uk and in some cases the world! Therefore I really valued their recommendations for which shows to visit. Forbidden Broadway was one that was class gossip and I was attracted to the idea of a fun snapshot into the world of so many musicals I loved and those I had yet to see.

A medley of musical memories

A medley of musical memories

One weekend I treated myself by getting a day ticket for one and was pleased to be upgraded to a great spot in the front stalls in between two friendly guys who really got into the spirit of it chortling away and clapping as loud as anyone.

Forbidden Broadway was a fascinating glimpse into the world of the professionals who strive to make a mark in musical theatre and their reaction to different classic and newer much-loved musicals of Broadway and the West End.

My only disappointment was that not having seen all the musicals yet, there were a few scenes where they basically told the whole story. It was a little frustrating as it meant I had been dealt a series of spoilers with no warning. Miss Saigon was my main example of this and once they had done their sketch and I chatted to the guy next to me who confirmed that was pretty much the whole plot. Their criticism of shows also meant you too became a little jaded and took a little sparkle off them. Later I went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and although Robert Lindsay was sadly not there, his understudy did a sterling job recreating his oozing arrogance and self appreciation (I’m hoping this is only referencing the character of the plot, not in real life).

Other than that, it was a great romp through older and more modern works. My favourites were the ever turning stage in Les Mis which was quite heavily featured, the preppy starry eyes child actors of theatre, and the hatred towards Cats!

All performers were superb and their singing really kept the audience spellbound. I really enjoyed myself and was sad its run in London wasn’t for longer. And to top it all off I got to meet Christina outside, who really was as lovely as she comes across on Youtube and stage.

Me and Christina, faded due to the flash at night

Me and Christina, faded due to the flash at night


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