O for Onken yoghurt dolloping & pancakes!

‘Make it short & snappy’

O for Onken yoghurt press event for “Dollop of Difference” & related Onken yoghurty thoughts

The “mishmashtash” version of a tale of Onken yoghurt, Celebrity Masterchef winner Lisa Faulkner, a mix of bloggers, L’atelier des Chefs cookery school, a retro yoghurt we need to bring back, set versus stirred and of course PANCAKES!

‘Just the facts please’

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

The event

This all began with an invitation to a PR event highlighting Onken’s “Dollop of difference” campaign at the prestigious L’atelier des Chefs with a fellow food writer friend of mine, Liz O’Keefe.

Lisa Faulkner, Celebrity Masterchef winner and Angela Dowden, nutritionist, were on hand to host the event and wow us with yoghurty facts and yoghurty kitchen fun.

Plenty has been said about the event already on various blogs including: Jacintaz3 and the appropriately named Knit Your Own Yoghurt and many other posts from lovely people I met. They all detail the methods and great results Lisa’s recipes produced using Onken to sweeten, moisten and add a little something different. Therefore I won’t repeat all their good work, instead refer you onto their lovely sites which each have a different angle.

The surprisngly simple recipes for chicken tikka kebabs, banana bran muffins (which were lovely and moist), and onion dip can be found on the Onken website here.

For me, I wanted to take a slightly different look at it using my “mishmashtash” style.


Firstly, I just have to get out the way that I met Lisa before at a book signing at a previous job and found her very engaging and down to earth. Here’s my lovely signed book of her homely recipes designed for her daughter. With Mother’s Day coming up less than a month away on Sunday 15th March, potentially a nice gift to get?

The Fight to bring back Frufoo

Secondly, I’ve been a fan of Onken for a long old while. At the event, there was a lot of fond reminiscing about a fabulous product: Frufoo. I for one, adored this silky, mouse-y, creamy yoghurt which orbited a cool toy inside. The yoghurt version of a kinder surprise egg. I was as devastated by the discontinuation of the Frufoo as I was with Wispa. The difference is that Wispa came back due to popular demand, and sadly when I asked the lovely Onken people if this would be the same and they reported no development they know of to do this. Perhaps we could start a Bring back the Frufoo campaign of our own?*

*Having since looked into this, I’m pleased to say there is already quite a drumbeat through Facebook, and retro websites. Feel free to add to the petitions if you remember it fondly too. If you aren’t sure what I’m on about have a look at them.

The Set Debate

With the sad loss of the childhood favourite Frufoo, I progressed to the more mature set natural yoghurt and have had many a pleasant evening tucked up with a bowlful of yoghurt decadently laced with honey, fruit or just a simple sprinkle of sugar.

A note on set versus stirred yoghurt. I get great delight in dissecting down the textures of foods, especially chocolate bars and biscuits, challenging myself to tear off layer by layer separately. A Ferrero Rocher is a classic challenge that never ceases to frustrate when I accidentally break through the wafer into the ganache below before it’s rightful time! Similarly the pride when you have successfully taken off the outer hazelnut layer and have a perfect orb of spherical wafer delectation…

But I distract myself, so, stirred yoghurt. I delight in the firm and smooth texture to gently consume spoonful by spoonful. It has come to my attention recently that there are some heathens who vilely expunge the sanctity of the set and horror upon horror actually STIR up the yoghurt specifically to break its precious protein bonds. Sacrilege! J, my boyfriend, is one such and knows I can’t look in his general vicinity when these atrocities are being done. And as such my set yoghurts are segregated as solely mine to protect them from his abuse.

Being a food scientist, I honour the set. I appreciate the time the yoghurt makers spend to get the jelly wobble just right and the layer of liquid on the top settled as a protective lake glistening above the gel below. I call to those set destroyers to think of the love and care that went into it and just buy stirred yoghurt if that’s more to your taste.**

** I’ve since been told J destroys the set not to cause harm, but because he likes the loose texture and if that’s all I buy he has limited choice. We will now live separate yoghurt lives: him with smooth and me with set. Harmony in action, happy lives.

Rant over. Get yourself some Onken yoghurt of either type and enjoy.


Now, it hasn’t escaped my notice that today is one of my favourite days of February, of winter, and indeed the year… PANCAKE DAY! Yes, yes it’s technically Shrove Tuesday and the day prior to fasting and lent and all manner of pious goodness. I shall be focussing on the battery heaven that is pancakes.

There are two ways to yoghurt-ify your pancakes: in or on.

  1. You could take Onken’s suggestion of putting yoghurt in your mix, rather like we did with the bran banana muffins to make them a little lighter, which sounds nice. A quick trawl of the internet showed mainly recipes with the second version which is what I went for with limited time and ingredients. Onken if you have a good yoghurt pancake recipe, let me know and I’ll give it a go.
  1. On standard pancakes using Jamie Oliver’s no measure method and a “dollop of difference” provided by Onken set natural yoghurt, a scattering of blueberries and some rather pretentious icing sugar and voila – perfection! Using natural yoghurt instead of cream or ice cream is healthier too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks to 3 Monkey’s Digital PR firm and everyone else involved with the organisation of the Onken event and for inviting me along. I had a great time, and as you can tell can get quite riled by a good bit of yoghurt talk.

I was delighted to both meet Lisa again, to be confronted with a wall of Onken yoghurt, get a chance to quiz them directly of my Frufoo disappointment, and get to cook at the swanky silvery cookery school.

Happy Pancake Day all!

Disclaimer: I attended the PR event and received a goodie bag, I was under no obligation to write this post.


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