P for Piñata (a problem in the) making

‘Make it short & snappy’

P for Piñata making misfortune

The fun activity of piñata making at Stories bar was to be made particularly memorable by a clanger of an error made on my part.

‘Just the facts please’

  • Stories Bar
  • Strapline: “Cafe/bar adjoining a stylish marketplace, with cultural events, all-day brunch and a burger menu.
  • Website: http://www.storiesonbroadway.com/
  • Address: 30 Broadway Market, London E8 4QZ
  • Phone: 020 7254 6898
  • Opening times: Sunday to Monday 10am – midnight, Thursday to Saturday 10am – 1am
  • Twitter: @storiesbar

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

Birthdays are a magical time. Mine is in August, full on summer with memories of sprinklers and ice lollies, post the peak of hay fever, post tests and exams. The lull before the next term. J’s is in Spring, season of flowers and greenery. Last year for his birthday I decided to make a lovingly hand crafted gift.

Always up for a new challenge I saw a piñata class advertised at the funky Stories Bar and was most intrigued. I signed up, paid out and got excited.

On the day I ensured I popped by a corner shop to buy armfuls of 10p Haribo packs, sweets, freddos and lollipops to fill my treasure chest… I then put the lollipops back as I feared they would cause puncture harm to my piñata. Oh yes, it was all carefully planned out! When I arrived, I meticulously planned, designed, cut, filled, taped, glued, coloured, decorated and nurtured my little piñata.

The beginnings

The beginnings

It was quite complex and running out of time, I had to secure it with quite a lot brown tape. This resulted in it looking a little less glamorous than I had originally intended.

It definitely lacked the floaty delicate crepe paper others had. Nevermind I thought, it’s the thought that counts!

I proudly carried my bundle home and en route thought it would be nice to call my Mum and brag about my creative pursuits. Right at the end of the call I was going into some detail about how the curves of the ‘8’ were particularly tricky.

Beaming with pride!

Beaming with pride!

Mum gently enquired “28? But isn’t J younger than you?”

“Er, I suppose?”

“And aren’t you 27?”

“Am I?”


Oh the awkward pause that created! Doh!


A few steps outside of my home my heart dropped into my shoes and my bubble was truly burst. My oh so carefully made birthday piñata was a year premature! J would be 27, not 28! My frustration was capped when I realised how much easier a 7 would have been to make rather than an 8! I could have made those pretty little paper tassels after all!

Still, it was met with mirth and good nature. Having spent a year in a plastic bag on the top of the wardrobe, I’m planning the Mexican themed party this year! Let’s just hope the sweets are still edible and that with all the brown tape it won’t need a nail studded club to get into it!

Least we got the candles right!

Least we got the candles right!



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