R for Rockin’ out at a Finnish Rock Festival

‘Make it short & snappy’

R for Remembering rockin’ times as youths at the Finnish AnkkaRöck (Duck Rock)!

To mark my cousins’ name day, here’s a fun memory of my travels to Finland to get into the hard rock mentality (think 2006 Eurovision winning Lordi) – the emphasis on mental!

‘Just the facts please’

  • Finnish Name Day
  • Does your name have its own day, have a look here and here?
  • Oh Lordy it’s the unforgettable Lordi

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

I’m half Finnish, and the Finns have a lovely extra celebration each year to mark their “name day” or “nimipäivä” as it’s called. Today, two of my cousins are celebrating: Heli and Helinä. Want to know if you have a name day? Here are two links to see: Behindthename and namedaycalendar. Sadly my names don’t feature.

Today being “R” I decided to reminisce on a particularly fun trip with Helinä and her fair-haired friends to the den of drums and heavy beats. I’m normally more a cheerful pop person, but do like a bit of heavier stuff too now and then. Eurovision 2006 winners Lordi linked my likes perfectly with a catchy heavy rock piece winning the frivolous and flighty pop-tastic cheese fest!

Finns know how to party, they know how to “do goth” and they know how to make sickly sweet gooseberry and rhubarb ciders. If you’re interested in Finnish rock, I’d say the top three famous Finnish rock bands are likely to be Nightwish, HIM and The Rasmus. Also check out the links above for the two other bands I remember seeing live. Enjoy!

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