T for The Sidings Train Hotel

‘Make it short & snappy’

T for Taking forty winks in a converted train carriage in Yorkshire.

For those transport aficionados, train enthusiasts, and those who just like something a bit quirky, The Sidings Hotel may have something for you. Great for a one-off treat, especially if you know anyone who would get a buzz out of such an unusual venue.

‘Just the facts please’

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

As someone who loves a new quirky experience I couldn’t turn down a few nights spent at a converted train hotel.

What made it more unusual was that:

  1. You really felt the railway experience when you had to slide your way down the narrow corridors down to your individual carriage complete with pull down windows and emergency stop chains!
  2. We were a little surprised when we arrived and found it was on an active railway, we clearly didn’t read that bit very thoroughly. …And when I say on, I mean the breakfast area had a huge line of windows and all tables pointed towards the main attraction: yep, you guessed it, the railway line, complete with the 09.04 whizzing its way up North at a ferocious speed followed by the 09.13 jetting past at a jaunty pace.*
  3. It is owned by a very friendly Greek family who put on some great rowdy singalong everyone-get-involved type evenings.

Overall it was an interesting adventure. The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating, the restaurant and foyer beautifully decorated in train related trinkets and memorabilia and the location was great for getting into York. I particularly loved the roaring fire in the entrance lounge which made it feel all the more welcoming.

The only reason we wouldn’t necessarily return is that without the quirky aspects and without having a strong passion for trains outside of admiring the occasional steam train or appreciating them getting me from A to B, I’m afraid the transit of trains as they passed throughout the day and night created a noticeable roar and vibrations that set the carriage rocking. This meant it sadly didn’t result in the most peaceful of sleeps. Also I must mention the halloween-esque spider web curtains on our four poster bed were a little unsettling.

For us, it was fine for a fun night or two, but not really for longer periods. We really enjoyed the staff’s bouyant charm though, and thank them for their warm hospitality and filling morning fry ups.

For something a little quieter, keep an eye on my future post on The Orange Tree, another quirky hotel, but this time a totally blissful retreat in Yorkshire.

*For any true train spotter, I’m afraid I didn’t do my research here, these are made up.


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