V for Valentine’s Day card making

‘Make it short & snappy’

V for Valentine’s Day crafting

A quiet Monday evening in February was glitzed up with a spontaneous trip to Drink Shop Do to get covered in glue, glitter, tissue paper and hearts in the name of celebrating love.

‘Just the facts please’

  • Drink Shop Do
  • Strapline: “Eclectic all-day cafe and designer store in an airy space that also stages evening craft classes.
  • Website: http://www.drinkshopdo.com
  • Twitter: @drinkshopdo
  • Address: 9 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX
  • Phone: 020 7278 4335
  • Open: every day
  • Cost: this activity was free with a drink, others can cost.

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

Early February, my #alphabetchallenge had just begun, I was fresh-faced and gearing up for a rosy loved up, pancake-y month. Having just written my article on Edible Makeup, it prompted me to investigate the sparkling treasure chest of treats Drink Shop Do has to offer. Valentine’s Day “inappropriate” card making took my eye, especially as it was free with a drink. Having called around my female friends, I learned they were all busy, so I got home and convinced a very kind J to join me and “inappropriately” make a card for each other. Considering he isn’t drawn to crafts like I am, and only had one functioning hand, having fractured his thumb a few weeks before, I was particularly touched!

Our compromise was that we ate dinner first so arrived a little late, even so the little cafe was still alive with chatter and crafty vibes. We were initially assigned a lonely table at the front, but fortunately the key table strewn with paper, glitter glue and other items more at home in a nursery, was freed up and we got to swoop in and claim a spot.

Messy fun

Messy fun

Drink Shop Do’s cake selection complements their vast tea selection, with domes of carrot cake, red velvet cake, gluten free versions, and an exceedingly gooey chocolate and raspberry brownie that on first bite actually made me stop and make a squeaky noise of unexpected pleasure! My “oh let’s share it” quickly turned into “how much can I get without him noticing?” Turns out not much, but J generously donated some of his half to elicit more chocolatey joy.

Check out those brownies!

Check out those brownies!

As we arrived later I’m not sure how many materials we missed out on, and considering it was free it was a nice set up, there was colourful glitter glue, features, glittery foam hearts, printed inspirational pictures, magazine cuttings, coloured card, crayons, pens and an array of gluesticks. All that was missing was envelopes, which would have been nice, but again we just might have been too late and they had all be taken. I really enjoyed the concentrated hour of comfortable companionable silence as we both focussed on our card creations and the little personal touches we did, quite therapeutic!

Other free regular evening activities to look forward to signing up to: Lionel Rich Tea, Lego Robots and papier mache monster mash along with their range of paid pursuits.



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