Full on February Alphabet Challenge – Complete!

‘Make it short & snappy’

Inspired by my interview and to brighten up the winter blues, I set myself a mini challenge for last month: to write up a post for each letter of the alphabet over February detailing a past adventure or activity.

I am pleased to say that I completed this challenge. 26 activities written up and 2 days for reflection and write up on love, life and loss.

‘Just the facts please’

  • 26 letters
  • 26 posts on a different past experience for each letter.
  • 28 days.
  • 2 days in between: 1 for reflection and 1 writing up Love, Life and Loss.


‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

In January, the focus was on resolutions. February I got stuck into the essence of MishMashTash – sharing my passion of enjoying life to the full, passing on the wonder of all the amazing things out there to do, see, smell, feel, taste, and the amazing people you meet every day just by having the courage to be not-quite-as-British and say hi

Inspired by Rebecca’s challenge, I set myself the task of a series of rapid fire posts detailing different random adventures and experiences, some in the recent past, some not so recent. Everything from classes and workshops, theatre trips, outings, travel, food, community projects, charity work and museums, all to give you a taster of what to expect with this MishMashTash blog!

Here are my reflections on the challenge:

Well, that was a lot more tiring than I was expecting! Keeping up with one a day without a backlog of material whilst balancing work and a social life has taken its toll a little which is why I’m looking forward to ‘More Mellow March’ as Feb was certainly full on!

Full on, not least because there were two very sad pieces of news to digest, one I have already written about here, and the other to come shortly once I’ve had some time to process it.

Here’s my summary of alphabetised activities. I realised as I was selecting the letters, how much more I have to come: more on food, travel, culture, random fun. …And that’s only what’s been done, there’s so much more to experience that’s new and exciting too! Hope you’ve enjoyed joining me in my reflections and have found some new avenues to explore.

A for Animation workshop with Helen Animate – Let’s get animated!
B for Banana cake and the search for other ‘healthy’ baked treats
C for Cornershop with a comfy feel
D for Dining in the dark at “Dans le Noir?”
E for Edible make up… yes I did say edible!
F for Feeling your way around the RA
G for Gruesome Guildhall gladiator games
H for Hovercraft mishaps
I for Indoor skydiving
J for Jabberwocky jungle jaunt
K for Kiss-tory creation at the kissathon
L for Love Listen Softly London
M for Musical Madness
N for Northern Imagination
O for Onken yoghurt dolloping & pancakes
P for Piñata (a problem in the making)
Q for Quintet of quintessential activities to celebrate Chinese New Year
R for Rockin’ out at a Finnish rock festival
S for Segway slalom at Leeds Castle
T for The Sidings train hotel
U for Underground treasure hunt
V for Valentine’s Day card making
W for Wedding dresses and the V&A museum
X for Xe Queo! Boardgames in the City
Y for You choose the outcome of the show
Z for Zorbing in Surrey


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