Goals “check in” six months on.

‘Make it short & snappy’

Six months on since my first post, where am I and how have my goals progressed? It won’t be a shock that most have had their spurts and more often than not lapses, but now’s the time to take action rather than wait until next New Year’s resolution making time. Here’s a quick review of where I’m up to, and a reflection on how I’ve been ‘enjoying life to the full’ over the past three months – which is really what it’s all about after all?


‘Just the facts please’

  • New year’s Resolutions as detailed here
  • ‘Write a blog’ – 33 published posts in 6 months

Definitely not the best, definitely need to improve on. I have realised feast and famine for posts isn’t the best! I could include blog posts for other people/companies, but that would be cheating so I won’t. ‘

  • Join the gym’ – gym membership in total 30 days with a £1 membership

Need to rejoin.

  • ‘Get fit’ – not a very “SMART” objective is it?

A few bursts of three times a day classes has severely lapsed. Walking to and from work isn’t really much as I still get breathless up a slight incline.

  • ‘Lose weight’ – again not very “SMART”…

Especially seeing as on January 1st I hadn’t even weighed myself! So I may have done, but given how I fit into my clothes I think rather not. A particularly unpleasant photo on social media promoted a Bank Holiday Friday overhaul of my diet and (another) new mindset.

  • ‘Save money’ – I see a pattern here of not being specific or measurable…

Well I walk more and save on transport, and my new intermittent fasting (more on this later) is cutting the cost of food so I guess there are savings there.

  • ‘Follow through with “things” and complete them’ – most vague of them all!

I was specifically talking about books. I think I’ve read about four or five and am currently very much hovering in the first third of one at the moment. So in some senses a success.

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

You’ve got the day off, do you:

a) Charge out the door full of vigour to do all those exciting Time Out recommended events

b) Sleep in and rejoice at the cooler side of the pillow and being able to stretch out and luxuriate in the warming Spring sun streaming through the all too thin curtains

c) Get on with a house clean, laundry, paying bills and grocery shopping

d) Write a gazillion blog posts you really want to?

I’d love to say I can do all, but secretly it’s always a) that I want to pursue – after all it’s what really gives me a buzz and makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day. I love being grateful for the wonderful city I live in and embracing all the opportunities available to me.

However life “gets in the way” you are faced with daily “struggles” (first world problems) of everything from unexpected chores, calls, tasks you should do, things you want to do, “FOMO” – Fear. Of. Missing. Out, practical things like drinking, eating, doing the laundry and of course general laziness and procrastination. Life naturally has an ebb and flow about it. You have peaks of activity and troughs of more languid time to reflect or just enjoy a good ol’ sleep in.

I find it a constant battle to balance my desire to write up each experience I have versus actually spending the time participating in new exciting events. It comes with a feeling guilty for not being as active as many of the bloggers I follow and admire.

Matthew Hussey has an amazing video on emails and why we don’t get back to emails quickly enough. I feel it’s a similar issue in that I’m delaying posting due to wanting to be able to dedicate the time and be perfect. The reality is that all I really do is pile on more pressure that after all this time it needs to be even better to warrant the wait. Have a look at his video here.

I think I need to just give myself a break and go back to why I’m doing this. I’m doing this for me. I’m doing this as a way to reflect and capture. There’s no point finding something I adore and getting myself tangled in complex guilt and “woulda shoulda coulda” syndromes.

The joy of the internet has given us a seismic opportunity for comparison: our looks, our thoughts, our lives. Matthew Hussey also came up with the concept “don’t compare your back stage to other people’s highlight’s reels.” So true.

To show myself that I actually have been active since my last post and act as trigger to return to and write up these experiences (similar to my past blog Taste the World where I ended up doing so much I could just list towards the end) here’s some of what I’ve been up to over the past 3 months:

  • Scottish beef event
  • Tastesmith’s curry pack event
  • Shelina Permaloo Mautirian cooking event
  • Finished reading the amazing triology Lion Boy
  • Experimented with “Hello Fresh” boxes (struggling to fit them into my life too!)
  • Memorial of my beloved pet and my first experiences of close grief
  • Art Therapy Portfolio creation
  • First life drawing experience
  • Multi Sensory Dinner with Kitchen Theory Synaesthesia
  • Fifty Chefs exhibition
  • EC1 Multilcultural women’s cooking session
  • Grant Museum late night Impropera
  •  Kitchen Theory networking evening
  • Face painting lesson
  • Talk4Health training
  • Willow basket weaving
  • Foraging and nature walk
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Numerous delicious restaurants around the UK
  • Essalen massage
  • Staying in an organic natural retreat in the Scottish Highlands
  • Highland heritage museum
  • Fairy ‘documentary’
  • Heather Heritage Centre
  • Delicious cakes in the Cairngorms
  • Seal spotting
  • Blog writing for other people’s blogs
  • London loo tour run by “Looci”
  • E17 Art Trail launch party
  • Soap making
  • Fan museum
  • Eurovision party
  • New intermittent fasting diet
  • Alchemy festival
  • Spice art from Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
  • Craig David’s 34th birthday party
  • Quizney
  • Working in a gorgeous special needs school
  • 50th birthday party Lobster bake & festival
  • Fantastic lesbian wedding
  • Friend’s Peak District 30th birthday party
  • Light special effects photography
  • Graffiti art with friends
  • Tess Ward kallo cakes event
  • Tower Bridge exhibition
  • Walk around your local town by locals
  • Exam invigilation
  • Taxidermy talk
  • Life drawing
  • Clerkenwell Design Week
  • Sensory art class
  • Vegetable fat tower of Babel
  • Porridge Café
  • Grimaldi clown festival including musical coffins
  • Simple recipes
  • Life and Death of Paul Marrane amazing immersive treasure trail event
  • Storytelling with local children’s centres
  • St John’s Museum
  • Jewish Museum
  • Robin Collective 5th birthday party

Phew! Ok so now I feel a little better about not having published for a bit. Now time to write it all down :)…

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