2015 – a year dominated by mountains, light sabers and friendship

‘Make it short & snappy’

When asked to use foil to summarise a highlight of 2015, it was adapted into three separate scenes by the guests of our NYE party. No surprises with all three Walker brothers in residence that Kilimanjaro’s awesome towering presence featured. On further thought and discussion we realised that the mountain represented what many experienced with 2015: changeable, rocky, ups and downs, challenging, grueling at times, a step to conquer, exhausting! The other two revealed aspects too…

‘Just the facts please’

  • 365 days
  • 10 NYE quiz rounds including one foil creation round

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

New Year’s Day: a day supposedly for resolutions, grit and determination to change the way things are and start afresh? That’s how last year began for me and the start of this blog. I remember last year with crystal clarity; a sure sign that time speeds up as you age! Sitting here by last year’s account, I should be a gym bunny, half my original size with a thriving life in all areas.

Instead I enter the year of my 30th birthday, my Facebook littered with notifications of my heavily pregnant peers, some with their second children, future weddings, career changes in the air all around, new mortgages and a heavy dose of realism. I enter 2016 with a mood to match the grey muggy clouds and confused daffodils outside. I have the answers from our carefully constructed 2015 quiz rebounding in my head: themes of terrorism, climate change, notable deaths, space voyages, North Korea’s new time zone, and Zayn Malik’s departure.

Time Out’s round up on 2015 made for similarly bleak reading. 2012 it was not. Surprisingly a fair number of Facebook statuses were also hopeful for a brighter 2016, the mood stretched further than I realised!

To set the scene: I type this from my bed with a wad of balsam tissue plugging the tide of Christmas cold from my nostrils, vision blurry from streaming pink eyes and the threat of an unexpectedly violent sneeze constantly on the edge. Not the best frame of mind to set a cheerful post you might think, but the three resulting metallic structures from last night gave a more balanced view to the events of 2015. They reminded me of the sparkling moments that made life joyful: the friendships and special people that make life glitter with laughter and adventure, comfort and companionship.

So whilst I sniff, cough and fight the lurgy, I give thanks to all of you who made my 2015 bearable and in many parts really enjoyable! Thank you for being there with me through the ups and downs of health, relationships, death, careers, security, housing, finances, and as my dear friend Antonia would say, the sheer nature of life that you can’t guarantee anything! I’m grateful to my longtime core of loyal friends and delighted to have welcomed so many wonderful new faces to my world!

Here are the three teams’ foil structures, what would your foil structure be? Feel free to go ahead and make one, I will too.

The Star Wars light sabers*:

*Analysis based on the heavy disclaimer that I have not watched the previous films nor watched the latest one yet, so I may have “got the wrong end of the stick” for some of this.

IMG_5766Clashing, fighting, looking forward to long awaited things, wars, good vs evil, discord, space travel (I read Chris Hadfield’s An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth as part of my membership with The Rebel Book Club), trying to do the right thing (another RBC reference), my introduction to permaculture and the war on climate change and becoming resilient, refugees and terrorism, hope…

Two new housemates joining our lives (this was their highlight, aw they make me blush!):

IMG_5765New friendships, travel, movement, great fun of new adventures (many for me have been had with our lovely new household), optimism of new starts, unknown opportunities around the corner, getting to know your community better, opening doors, joining lives (we’ve been to a few weddings this year which have included joining cultures and countries), joy of exploring London together, listening to others, creativity and cooking, understanding and empathy, welcoming and sharing…

Kilimanjaro mountain (view from the top):

IMG_5763Obstacles to climb, goals set, it not always being easy so having to have the perservance to keep going and not give up, having others for support, setting the groundwork, extending it to think about other areas of your life including: health, love and relationships, careers, work, families, friendships, housing or finances. Preparation, honesty, faith, friendship, adventure, living in the moment, gratitude…

Feel free to share the foil creation you came up with.

Here’s to 2016, whatever it may bring!


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