Capturing that fleeting moment

So it’s been a little while (so much so that I forgot my password!) and often I hear those with a blog claim how it becomes a burden. It changes from a creating joy to inducing guilt and panic – something no one wants.

Therefore on the cusp of the year changing to a new one I have decided to re-focus on capturing beautiful moments and giving thanks for them; through writing, drawing, sharing, photographing. Free from blame, guilt, a need to make things perfect.

No Instagram filters, no self-created pressure, no expectations. Purely what this was intended to be: a medium to capture what is great about life and how to enjoy it to the full.

Here are a few thoughts and poems I wrote in a writing class with the topic “bubble”.

Do we live in a bubble? What is real and what is fake? Are we trapped in our heads?

How would it feel if we








…. into another dimension?


Bursting forth with energy

Unbridled joy given

Blown gently on the breeze

Bright swirling colours: fuchsia, tangerine and forest green

Lazily transfixes on its merry journey

Efforts to capture all in vain

Short lives magic

Joy and happiness
Follow to catch its magic
Tears – another pop!

Enjoy your New Year’s bubbles, a different kind of effervescent joy!



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