About MishMashTash


Welcome to my personal portal for documenting and sharing my adventures and experiences as I strive to live life to the full and encourage others to do so as well.

I’m often accompanied by my patient boyfriend, J, who since he started dating me knows to expect the unexpected! To be fair, he should have known what was coming when our first date was at a food fun day learning about potatoes producing electricity and at the next I dressed up as a cockroach (at the Science Museum, not my usual spruced up look!).

I am drawn to the quirky and new, particularly around food, the senses, art and travel.

If you hear of, or know of an event, product or activity that you think might interest me, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear more! I also really enjoy connecting with other bloggers, entrepreneurs and generally chatty people. If you’re a PR company feel free to get in contact as I enjoy giving honest reviews on products and events if relevant (food, health, mindfulness, travel, fun…).

I also write for other blogs including most recently: Food at 52 award winning cookery school and the E17 Art Trail.

Feel free to contact me through twitter: @NBlok1.

Please note unless stated, all photos and content are mine, so please ask permission before using.

One response to “About MishMashTash

  1. New website is looking great Natasha! Colourful, easy to read, and appealing. I’m sure J enjoyed the special mention to him on your ‘about’ page!

    Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures!



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