‘Mad March Munch’ – the Alphabet Challenge is back!

‘Make it short & snappy’

Last year, prompted by less posts in January and to “brighten up the winter blues”, I set myself a mini challenge: to write up a post for each letter of the alphabet over February detailing a past adventure or activity. This year has proven particularly busy as I have set myself several challenges over the weeks, and lo and behold my beloved MishMashTash has become neglected once more. Therefore, before we get too far into the year, I have set a similar goal for ‘Mad March’ with a focus on food and drink (the ‘Munch’ element). I will particularly highlight unusual ingredients if I can (partially necessitated by some of the letters!).

‘Just the facts please’

  • 26 letters
  • 26 posts on a different food or drink ingredient or experience for each letter.
  • 31 days

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

I love writing and especially in this blog where I can feature anything my heart desires, but often as is the way I’m so often writing other peoples’ blogs and going out and about doing fun activities in London, I have had less time to dedicate to it. Last February was definitely ‘full on’, so I’m looking forward to tackling another challenge this year, this time with an edible flavour!

To recap on last year’s challenge and to get an idea of what’s to come click through to here.

I invite you to join me on a journey through travelling tastes and global gastronomy, recipes and reviews, benchmarking and bizarre ingredients you might have never have eaten – or maybe even have heard of before!

…Let’s start with A for Alcoholic Air!


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