How to keep resolutions going past January?!

‘Make it short & snappy’

Here’s how I intend to motivate myself through the temptations and obstacles that will inevitably get in the way of my stereotypical lose-weight-get-fit New Year’s resolutions fantasies!

‘Just the facts please’

  1. Being realistic – including splitting into smaller goals
  2. Having support from others – including by being kind to yourself
  3. Finding things to enjoy – including treating yourself for your progress

‘I’ve got a cup of tea, tell me all about it…’

Well I said before my first New Year’s Resolution was complete. While it is true I have a blog, it wouldn’t be much of one with only one entry! Therefore in order to succeed I need to keep it up. As for my other resolutions, sadly they’re not the most original; I follow the majority of the British public with: join the gym, get fit, lose weight, save money, follow through with things and complete them.

As I’m sure many people have done including several of my friends and of course myself, you start with the best intentions, have all your pep talks prepared such as: “take it one day, one step, one chocolate bar at a time” or to “visualise your future goal.”

Keep repeating it as you step away from the discounted cream cake!

Then you have a cold, rainy day, you’re running late, tired and can’t be bothered with making a low fat skinless chicken salad with edamame beans, quinoa and spelt for lunch. Instead as you run out the door with a stale bagel and severely bruised and blackened banana, all you dream of through the morning is a rich and stodgy brownie and macaroni cheese from Pret followed by shovelling a series of biscuits blindly into your mouth and later on a long session comatose on the sofa watching a marathon of Don’t Tell the Bride. Body Balance? Pft, I’d far rather balance the level of sweet and salty on my popcorn thanks!

The constant struggle!

Each and every day of exercising your will power!

This made me smile 🙂 from

Still, however likely that may be, and believe me it will no doubt happen at some point! Let me start by being optimistic, after all if I don’t try then there’s no hope. So here I go trekking bright-eyed and springy-stepped down to the gym to sign up and cast all my chocolate into a hidden emergency pit and bring on the buoyancy for 2015!

This article gives me hope:

  1. Be realistic
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Outline your plan
  4. Make a pros and cons list
  5. Talk about it
  6. Reward yourself
  7. Track your progress
  8. Don’t beat yourself up
  9. Stick to it
  10. Keep trying

In the past I’ve used photo aids, thinking about food as poisonous or harmful, thinking of the gym as the most fun place ever…

A quick search of the internet provides plenty more tips. I particularly like this one from Forbes:

Use the 10-minute rule. “Resolutions have this funny way of overwhelming us before we even begin. Instead of trying to find large chunks of time to devote to your goal, take a few moments now and list as many resolution-related tasks as you can think of that can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less. Making a phone call, checking a website, sending an email and doing a few sets of crunches all would fit in that time frame.”

Number 3 on their list is choosing something you enjoy doing and want to do more of. My friend Melissa from Lissy Runs did just this and had pledged to finish books she reads. Writing this blog is one of my goals I’m really looking forward to as well!

Share your resolutions and improve your chances of success like Melissa did (photo from

Other links such as this one and this one suggest more tips such as: keep a physical resolutions chart, set up reminders on your phone, break it into steps over the months, create reminders around the house, make it simple such as a using technology, treat yourself, get some support from friends and family or join a group, focus on just one specific measurable goal. Some say don’t put pressure on yourself and reflect on goals throughout the year.

There are some great motivational pictures out there – I’ll make a pinterest board out of pictures like these to inspire myself!

I’d be interested in if anyone else has any tips or past resolutions that they have stuck to and achieved – please feel free to share!


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